Friday, April 5, 2013

Two Reviews in Verse

In honor of National Poetry Month, we have some book reviews in verse. I'll start with a limerick:
A Girl Named Digit
There once was a girl, good at math,
who incurred some terrorists' wrath;
Had to flee with some guy
(kind of cute, FBI),
With a double agent crossing their path.
Hmm. That will do for a summary, but I need to say what I thought of it. How about a haiku:
Enjoyable read
Ending not quite credible
But teens will love it.
There! Recommended for middle and high school readers.
Next up, the sequel to Ultraviolet, which I loved:
Another girl, science her game,
Has to hide out now, changing her name.
But bad guys have found her,
and danger surrounds her,
And if they catch her they will experiment on her in terrible ways and torture and kill her and Sebastian is back but we can't tell Alison and there's this new guy Milo with his own issues and both really boil down to what kind of life do you have if you can't be yourself and what will you do to protect other people and the different types of pain that can cause.
I may need to work on that last line. In the meantime, here's the review:
Making the far-fetched
believable, sucks you in.
More strong characters.
Loved this one too, this series is a must for high school libraries.
Thank-you to Carolrhoda (a division of Lerner) for the review copy of QuicksilverA Girl Named Digit was borrowed from our library, and is published by Houghton Mifflin.

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