Friday, March 27, 2020

Adventures of Mo and Jo and Other Short Stories by Sheridan Jones

One day Mo and Jo were up in the attic right after their mother told them not to go up there. They found their mother's old dress-ups. They put them on and went outside. They knew their mother would kill them, especially because it was muddy and snowy.

After a while of playing they saw their mother with a knife. She chased after them and caught them because they were slow and she slit their throats and ate them for supper and lunch.

The end.

One day as a lady was walking past a jelly bean shop she went into labor and gave birth to a baby. It was snowing outside so to keep the baby warm she stuffed the baby in her jacket and walked home just like that.

One day a little boy and his grandpa went camping. That night when the grandpa was asleep the little boy took the grandpa's tobacco! He had so much of it that he got very very sick and passed on.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Story Writing: Christopher

After the first attempt, I told Christopher his story needed to be a liitttttle longer than a paragraph! He chose one of my favorite pictures from the file, and must have been thinking about it all day, because he finally sat down at the last minute and wrote this:

Once upon a time, there was a man who loved to paint. Every day he painted and painted. Everyone loved his work.

One day he met a woman. He paused for a second. His heart was pounding hard. He said, "Do you want to get dinner some time?" She said yes. They went out lots of times, then got married.

60 years later his wife got sick. He tried to make her better. One day she gave him a necklace then she died. He was very sad. For months he didn't paint. Nothing made him happy.

One day, a man came to his house. He knocked on the door. He answered it. The man gave him a cat - a pretty cat. He thanked the man, took the cat in, set it down and looked at it and said "Why would he give me a cat?"

The cat looked up at him. The eyes of it made him see her in it. He could see his wife in the cat.

That made him happier than ever. Then a few days later he started to paint again. More pictures than ever.

Then he got old. In time, some of his family had to take cared of him. Then he was dying, but he was happy. He was going. Then it happened: it was dark for a minute, then light started to appear. Then he saw his wife, and they lived happily ever after.

The end.

Sunday, March 22, 2020

A Boy, a Frog Alligator?

Mercer Mayer they ain't.

One of our school-at-home activities involves me picking two pictures from my picture file at random, and the kids have all day to choose one picture and write a story to go with it. (Yes, fellow Mt. Vernon Education students: I still have the picture file we were assigned to create our sophomore year!)

Today Sheridan and Christopher both chose this picture:

Christopher's story:

There was a boy called Mo. 
He always said Mo.
One day he was walking down a road then he heard a croak and another and another.
He looked around and found a frog and looked at it.
The frog ate him.
The end.

Points for brevity?? We'll work on fleshing his stories out a bit...

Sheridan's version:

One day, a little boy went to a swamp for a camping trip. There at the swamp the boy ran over to look for frogs so they could have frog legs for supper. After a while the boy caught a frog.
The frog was a magic frog and the frog knew what the boy wanted to do with him. The boy went down the side of the swamp to the deeper end to catch more frogs. 
Then the magic frog got an idea. He turned himself into a giant alligator and ate the boy in two giant bites.

I'm sensing a theme, are you?