Thursday, April 11, 2013

Review: The Cats on Ben Yehuda Street, by Ann Redisch Stampler and Francesca Carabelli

The Cats on Ben Yehuda Street
Ben Yehuda Street is covered with cats - all kinds of cats, all smiling, and all happy to hang around Mr. Modiano's fish shop (go figure). He, on the other hand, is not happy to have them around, and when he ends each day by delivering two fish to his neighbor, Mrs. Spiegel, he is always clear that she is not to feed them to her cats. Mrs. Spiegel invites him in for tea, he says no and goes home, and she, of course, feeds her fish to the cats.
Until, one night tragedy strikes, and the gruff Mr. Modiano shows he's not quite as grumpy as he pretends to be.
Children will love the cheerful, sunny illustrations, and will enjoy picking up on the subtle clues to Mr. Modiano's changing opinion. A fun story to read all by itself, or as an introduction to this busy part of Jerusalem. Recommended for any elementary school library.

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