Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Three New Picture Books

Oh! If Only...
Oh! If only I hadn' many times have we all had thoughts that started with those very same words? Disasters could have been averted...or, friendships never formed. Children may enjoy coming up with their own "if only" chain stories...they will certainly enjoy both the text and the lively illustrations in this book!
My Crocodile Does Not Bite
Last week, we reviewed The Pets You Get, about a little boy belittling his sister's choice in pets. He would have been very happy with the pet this boy brings to school: a very well-trained crocodile, who does NOT bite. A snippy classmate is not as impressed, and finds out, in the end, that biting is not the only possible danger. Parents may object to the ending, but children (especially those annoyed by similar classmates) will likely cheer.
Cookie, the Walker
All dogs like to go for walks, but Cookie does it on just two legs. This, besides being convenient, brings all sorts of attention, opportunities, and best of all, TREATS! As she tells her canine friend, Kevin:
"People walk up and say 'Hey you are amazing! Want some bacon?' It's pretty nice."
It all gets to be a bit tiring, though. In the end, it's good she still has her old friend Kevin to give her some good advice.
Cookie's (and Kevin's) story is told mostly in comic style, with some humor and over-the-top stereotypes adults will enjoy. Some of that will go over younger readers' heads, but they will still enjoy the comical situations and goofy illustrations. After reading, have them try being dogs for a bit, walking on all fours to see what they can and can't do. Don't read this in front of your dogs, though, or you will never be able to leave bacon unattended again!

Thank-you to Lerner for all three review copies!

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