Sunday, April 7, 2013

E is for Easter!

Of course, I totally planned for S. to be learning the letter "E" around the time of "Easter" and "eggs". Mmm-hmm. And, if you believe that I'm that organized, this is obviously the first post you have ever read on this blog.
It did work out nicely, though! We, of course, decorated eggs - using flavored drink mix instead of dye and vinegar.

We made our list of "E" words, adding to it throughout the week.
We colored the eggs with an e in them. And then we colored the others, but with a different color. I didn't argue, because she usually won't color at all!

We even had a visit from the Easter Elk!

I wanted to do more tactile things with the letter shapes, since identifying those is our main goal right now:
L. kept eating the dry pasta, but S. managed to get some glued down.
We went for a walk to get some exercise
and found some "e"s
and evidence of elk.

Then, after a thorough hand scrubbing, we searched through a box of Scrabble crackers and ate all the "E"s!

Believe it or not, we do occasionally comb her hair.
We didn't do a whole lot with "E", because she picked it up quickly. Besides, we have an exciting surprise ahead for the letter "F", so stay tuned!

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