Friday, April 12, 2013

Three New Picture Books

The Pets You Get!
Stories about pets are usually a sure bet with children, and this is no exception. The little boy telling the story can't understand why his sister loves her guinea pig so much, when there are so many other, much more exciting pets to have! I can't call it a stereotypical conversation, when I see it played out so frequently in my own home. Taylor's illustrations are adorable - I want to reach into the pages and scoop up that adorable little guinea pig, while the dragon, on the other hand, is quite satisfyingly fierce.
Two Shy Pandas
Speaking of can't get much cuter than a panda, and here we have two. They live next door to each other, and both would like to be friends, but neither can quite work up the courage to say that first, "Hello!" The rhyme pattern is a bit awkward in places, so I probably wouldn't use this in a story time. I think the gentle encouragement towards making friends will be appreciated, however, by my younger patrons.
I Don't Want to Go to the Hospital!
A new Little Princess story! The LP is VERY big at our house, and she had her very own story time here at the library a few months ago. Her other titles all start with "I Want", a fact not unnoticed by commiserating mommies: now, we have the opposite.
The Little Princess has a lump in her nose, and while the General offers to get take care of it with his sword, the Doctor (who is always covered in spots), decides the hospital would be a better bet. The Little Princess does not want to go, but is eventually carted to her stroller. She recovers there quite nicely, and has so much fun, she decides her tonsils need to come out as well! It is never quite explained what the lump in her nose is, but I can't help thinking this seems a bit familiar.
Thank-you to Andersen Press for the review copies!

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