Friday, April 19, 2013

F is for Family!

Okay, now THIS is the surprise we were expecting for the letter "F". Although, if you are on my Facebook page, you are well aware of the arrival of F.:
Look who I found at the dinner table!
My sweet daughter, who is overly concerned that this picture makes her look fat. No, honey, it's my granddaughter in there that is making you look larger than usual, and that will change very soon!
I picked F. up at the train station in our neighboring state Sunday, and learned on the way that:
a) Mapquest really stinks sometimes, and
b) 99% of the people living in this particular city have no idea they even HAVE a train station, which makes getting directions a bit tricky.
Fortunately, I had built in some reading time, which became driving-around-confused time. I got to the station in time to be standing at the gate when the passengers filed by.

And the little boy walking out with his father looked up at me and piped, "You're from the library!"

Did I mention I was in another state?!

At any rate, F. is now home, and we are very happy to have her back. We have been busy with appointments and preparations for the baby - whose name very conveniently begins with a G!


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