Saturday, April 20, 2013

Review: Ungifted by Gordon Korman

It has been so long since I read a Gordon Korman book, I forgot the inherent danger.
You know, the danger that you will be reading it quietly in, say, the staff lounge, and periodically burst into to huge guffaws of laughter, startling the people walking past you so they drop scalding-hot food all over themselves, further triggering a chain of events that include the demolition of the entire reference section.
Okay, that mostly didn't happen to me, but if it had been Donovan Curtis we would have seen that or worse! Things just seem to happen around Donovan. Well, okay, he pretty much makes them happen, but he doesn't mean to. The school psychologist's label of 'poor impulse control' couldn't be more dead-on. While that can be a cause of extreme frustration to those around him, it can also make life for them a whole lot more interesting. And, if there is anything his new friends at the Academy of Scholastic Distinction could use, it's...well, it's Donovan!
Whatever your age, I highly recommend you grab a copy, sit back, and enjoy yourself for a couple hundred pages. This would also be an excellent choice for that after-lunch-read-aloud time for pretty much any age classroom.
Copy borrowed from our library. Um...before it was actually finished being processed. I blame Donovan's bad influence.

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