Tuesday, April 9, 2013

F is for...

...Flowers and Friends and Fun!
With the weather getting warmer, we have spent a lot of time working on the yard. (Isn't it great when home schooling and housework coincide?) The kids had a blast breaking up clumps of dirt, and we practiced counting while planting seeds. Easter Sunday, we made a trip to a couple local stores for plants. C. has had his own garden bed for a couple years, and some of his flowers have already started coming back. This year he added more flowers, and some tomato plants.
S. and L. are sharing a garden bed this year, and they each picked out two Flowers and two pepper plants. Of three different kinds. This should make for some interesting cross-pollination.

I may add something viney to go up that trellis and around the angel. With their permission, of course.
The big project, though, was setting up areas to hang out and have Fun with Friends. These benches used to sit in the library's Children's Room, but they were massively in the way of wheelchairs. We put them on auction, and another librarian and I teamed up to outbid everyone else, and then split them.

Both Fire pits were yard sale finds
It looks a little drab at the moment, but we planted lots of Flowers, and are waiting for them to take over.
We have Flowers in the retaining wall,
Flowers in pots,

Flower bulbs in the ground,
With a baby bottle. I have no idea why.
And Flowers in the wagon.

This is jasmine, which will hopefully climb the handle and spill all over.
There is more jasmine hanging from various tree branches in the area.
We also planted Flowers along the house. We get more counting practice while watering, counting to twenty for each plant. There is much competition to see who gets to wield the hose!

Oops - remind me to take that price tag off.
We made and hung houses for our Feathered Friends, adding a little color to the side of the shed.
Hello, Feathered Friend!
Photo: Definitely spring!
The hummers won't actually live in the bird houses, they have nests up in our tallest trees. They will, however, buzz around your head and scold you, if their Favorite Feeder is not Full enough.
We are having more Fun with the letter "F", and still have a surprise on its way, so stay tuned!

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