Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Treasure Hunt

We had been tossing around the idea of some sort of hike or picnic today, then last night out of the blue our friend Mr. F. messaged that he had set up a scavenger hunt for the kids on a local trail! What a fabulous thing to do, and such perfect timing!

We didn't tell the kids anything about the hunt, just the hike. We packed our backpacks and set off, warning them to watch for rattle snakes. 

These holes were a bit too tiny for snakes, so we're going to say ants. 

A heart!

When we got to the spot where Mr. F. had told us to start. I told the kids I thought I saw something go under the flat rock. Remembering the snake warnings, they all backed away! Logan got brave, though, and lifted the rock to find...

A clue! The hunt was on, and the kids immediately spotted the dead tree in the distance.

Sheridan's turn to retrieve this one.

Ooh, we had to count steps! She was very excited, as she was wearing the (fake) Fitbit she got for her birthday.

Some cool plants along the way...

Christopher's turn...big yucca above the old board!

But there were TWO piles of three rocks. What happened if he chose the wrong one? Was there a trap??? His siblings, of course, came up with all sorts of dire predictions... he leaned in close and spotted the paper sticking out of the first one. Then, of course, he lifted the other anyway. No booby traps - much disappointment.

The next clue said to look for the alligator head.

Do you see it? He's kind of smiling, so we deemed it safe to approach.

For the next clue we had to walk until two telephone poles became one.

Can you see the second behind this one? No? Must be the right spot!

Next clue: Turn around and follow the trail of seashells (now how did THOSE get there?)


Very much so!

Fossils, pyrite, serpentine, petrified wood...SO COOL!!!

We explored them for a few minutes, then put them in Mom's backpack for safe keeping, and finished the rest of the trail.

Shane spotted these cactus plants clinging to the edge.

Do you see the turtle?

Spidey hidey hole

Hmm...Mr. F.? Were you here too? We left it for others to find!

The lighting doesn't do it justice - pretty rich red striped rock!
 Snack break! (And time to look at the rocks some more)

The yucca flowers have died off, but the seed pods are starting to look like pickles!

We started seeing signs Mr. F. had been busier than we thought.

We had our treasure, so we left these for others to find!

I don't think he put any up there, Sheridan.

Another not-a-good-picture, but those three rocks were a bit shinier than the others in the area!

Who might be living in there?


 Now this one we think arrived here naturally, but the shape was cool!

As was the shape of these little wispy plants.

Cool rock AND pottery!

 Almost missed these!

Spot for Brer Rabbit to hide:

Water break! And perhaps a little more sunscreen for Grace.

Scared up a lizard or two

Then back to the car just as it started getting really hot! Thank you SO MUCH Mr. F. for a fabulous start to the day! If anyone needs us, we will be poring over some rock books...