Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Who Might This Be?

Anyone good at bird identification? I would say some sort of finch, except that he is the size of a lovebird, if not bigger (the gaps in the fence are 4 inches high, and he is taking up almost all of that gap, if that helps).


  1. Looks like a goldfinch. They can be up to 5 inches. However, I can't see its face too well and a goldfinch usually has some black on its face. This one doesn't appear to have any black. So my 2nd guess is an evening grosbeak - up to 8 inches. If it is 7 inches or so, it might be a Flame -colored Tanager. My last guess is a juvenile Altamira Oriole. If you can - try to get a little closer on its face so we can see its beak. :-)

  2. I heard Western Tanager earlier as a possibility. I'll try to get a closer picture if I see him/them again. His beak was all red-orange, no black I could see. Thanks!