Sunday, May 22, 2011

I'm Blaming the Wind

Checking out the garden progress. Here is where I planted the strawberries:

Here is where I planted the onions:

More onions:

And more onions:

Here is where I planted carrots:

I did not plant basil.

Or cilantro.

I wonder if the neighbors know where my beet seeds are?


  1. I think your beets floated down here to town into my back yard. Also, if you don't get those onions out of the strawberries, your strawberries will taste like onion. blegh

  2. I think I have given up on the strawberries - too much sun or something. The onions seem pretty determined to grow just about everywhere. Next year I'll put the strawberries in pots closer to the house (easier access for the chipmunks who are digging up my garlic there).