Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Big Dog, Little Dog

Has anyone else noticed this trend? Do you see it everywhere, or is this an Alamogordo thing?

Me, I like big dogs. Golden retrievers, Great Danes, etc. Some people like small dogs (Mike calls them bear killers - poor grizzly could choke to death on a Chihuahua). For some reason, I frequently see yards around here with one of each. Is this a sign of a compromise between Mom and Dad? Or a single owner who just can't make up his mind?

These two were playing fetch with their owners in the park across from the Library today. By the time I fumbled my camera out of my purse and got it turned on, they had crossed the street and were headed home. I am extremely impressed that they are just following Mom and Dad, no leashes or dangling steak on a string. Our idiots would be halfway to Tulie! At any rate, doesn't this picture scream to be made into a picture book? Somebody else please do it, though - I can't even manage to post here regularly.


  1. Every single day at 10:15 and again at 3:15 a man walks by the store with a gigantic St. Bernard, a teeny Yorkie, and a Dachsund. I LOVE it! Makes my day!

  2. Guess I shouldn't tell you I have my Pico (a chihuahua) and my Zonker (at mom's)(a German Shepard).

    Who do you think rules the roost?