Sunday, May 1, 2011

My Child is a Genius

I am SO far behind on book reviews for my other blog, that I volunteered to take M. to REVO tonight just so I could use Plateau Espresso's wifi to get a few posts done. In preparation, I looked over some of the picture books with C. and S. this afternoon. ("Puppies!" "No, S., that's a walrus.")

Halfway through this book from Lerner:

C. jumped and ran to his bookshelf. He came back with this book from Scholastic:

and showed me that they both contained the exact same photograph. Now I have something new to say, however inconsequential, about two books in a series I already reviewed last year:)

Now, if I can just get him to help me with the family budget...

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  1. It's amazing when they learn things on their own, huh?

    Xander recognized Ms Kathie's van in the Walmart parking lot today. I was like, "Whatever, son," until I realized that it actually WAS her car :) Boys and wheels!