Friday, May 6, 2011

Redneck Baths

So, by the time we finished having canned fruit and homemade applesauce for lunch, we were ready for a bath. And hey, Mommy was already watering the garden, so why not be thrifty and just stand in the sprinkler? No pictures of that because I ended up holding S., who would shriek every time the drops hit her and bury her face in my shoulder, then as soon as they moved away would start reaching for them again, saying "Please, please!"

From there we moved to the water play table, a yard sale find that you may recognize from the volcano post - hence the red water.

Well, red and brown. The brown is, I think, self-explanatory.

Woah, how did I get even dirtier? Huh.

And I'm not naked, I have my pretty church shoes on. And a diaper. So it's all good.

Hmm...splashing is fun and all, but we're not getting very wet.

Hey, look, M. isn't wet at all!

Problem solved!

Wait a minute, you weren't supposed to get me back!

Missing: teenage girl. Last seen running down Karr Canyon, shrieking. In flip-flops. If found, please return.

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