Monday, May 9, 2011

Recipe to Share: Cream Cheese and Applesauce Bread

For Mother's Day, the kids helped me put together a basket of goodies for both local Grandmas. I broke my rule of not feeding people something I've never made before, but it turned out well, so I thought we'd pass the recipe on!

You'll have to click this link to Cookingbread to get the recipe, because we don't want to violate anyone's copyright - and because it is well worth checking out the rest of the site! Unfortunately, we don't have any photos, either, because what we didn't give away, we ate:) Trust us, though, it looks as yummy as it tastes! A thick batter that includes applesauce and rolled oats is layered with a cream cheese/powdered sugar filling, then topped with a mixture of pecans, brown sugar and cinnamon. Hungry yet?

We found this recipe while looking for ways to use all that applesauce we made and canned last Fall. Judging by the last frost, we probably shouldn't be in any hurry to use it all up. At any rate, we used unsweetend raisin applesauce, and doubled the recipe so we could have some too. Then I managed to break one of my Pyrex loaf pans just before baking, so our half ended up in a square, foil baking pan instead. It cooked just fine that way - when the loaves were done it was still a bit soft in the center, so I turned the oven off and left the foil pan in for another half hour, and that did the job.

I also added more brown sugar to the topping, because Baby Logan has a sweet tooth, and a couple people specifically mentioned liking that part. If I made it again I might increase the filling a bit. Oh, and instead of honey in the filling, I used a couple tablespoons of toffee-flavored syrup, because I forgot someone else had taken the honey to work with him for sandwiches.

Overall, pretty good stuff, simple to make, and a definite possibility for any brunch-type potlucks. I imagine it would freeze pretty well, too. I'm looking forward to checking out the other recipes on their site. Is it too soon to start baking and freezing for Christmas?

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