Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Midwife Rocks.

I love how she listens and adapts, and her practical down-to-earth approach to everything. After delivering 1,964 babies (as of today), she should have a handle on things.

At today's visit, she said my last blood test showed I was low on iron, and she wanted to put me on iron pills. I told her I can't swallow pills. Didn't phase her, she just moved on to either taking Geritol, or (when I made a face and without skipping a beat), her best suggestion yet.

I have now been instructed, by a medical professional - one could say PRESCRIBED - to keep on hand all day and snack on...

Marshmallow Mateys.

Now that's a pill I can take:)


  1. Yep, that's her! Like I said, I love her common sense. If you can get it in food (along with folic acid and vitamins to boot) that tastes good, why be stuck on taking a pill? She also told me rather than spend $20 on a belly band, to try cutting the sleeves off an old men's t-shirt first (which I was just too tired to do last night, but I intend to try tomorrow!)

    She had another midwife with her who is joining the practice - lost her name, but she is experienced, and seemed to be a lot like Terri in personality.