Friday, May 6, 2011

Nothing Beats a Giant Box!

I try to do some sort of project with the kids whenever I have a day off, so I'm not spending the whole day just cleaning (yes, I do clean, you just can't tell five minutes later). Today we made a playhouse:

I was cutting out the circle window when C. cheered, "You're making a hot air balloon!" So, of course, that's what it had to be. He directed me to draw him, S. and myself in one, and Daddy and M. in the other. He then went back and added L. himself.

As you can see, Daddy is wearing his good black hat. M. has a baseball cap on. I don't know what that is on L's head.

S. went inside a couple times, but seems to prefer peeking through the windows.

And then shutting them tight so brother can't get out.

Big sister is actually home today too, but sick in bed. I wonder if we can lure her in when she comes back to the land of the living? Hmm...

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