Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Summer Reading Begins

Our picture books have been jammed to the ends recently, and pages are having a hard time putting things away. I have weeded out everything that hasn't been checked out this year, and we are still out of room. We are waiting on fiscal year rollovers to see if we can afford another set of shelves, otherwise I am looking at having to weed out books kids are still reading.

Or, we could just start the Summer Reading program:

This picture was taken before noon today. School ended Friday, then we had the three day weekend, so this was our first open day of summer vacation. Any guesses as to how kids are planning on spending it? And yes, the chapter book and nonfiction shelves have similar gaps. I even had a young lady looking for books about George Bush today (?!). Parents were dropping their kids off in the Children's Room so they could go look for books for themselves. So, when people say the printed word is dead, and libraries are obsolete, please excuse me if I chuckle, and don't rush out to look for a new job just yet.

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