Monday, August 14, 2017

Sheridan's Day

I took a week off before school started, to reacquaint myself with the kids. Sheridan got the first one-on-one day.

We started with breakfast at Mad Coffee, a newish place neither of us had been to.

She liked the danish, but wasn't too sure about the organic fruit and vegetable smoothie! She was philosophical about it: "It's anew day and we tried a new thing." Um...okay! Sheridan is never afraid to try new things - nor is she afraid to express her opinion about it!

From there we shopped for school supplies. She is very excited about school starting back up, and thinks it has taken way too long! Choosing the right notebooks and so forth was a matter that required much deliberation, but I think we are set. 

Next up was a trip to the Blue Stone, where she redeemed her prize certificate from summer reading.

and of course said hello to Ivan!

A quick stop to grab snacks for the library gecko, and to say hello to a few other critters,

then we dropped off the gecko treats at the library, where she found her first rock!

I love how freely she shows her excitement and joy. Of course, she freely expresses ALL her emotions, usually at top volume and with a great deal of flair. I see some theatre experiences in her future!

A trim of the bangs meant a stop at the fountain - she wouldn't tell me what she wished for. 

Then she got her nails did!

Did I really just pay someone $7 to do something I could do at the dining room table? h, well, she felt special.

We had lunch at the Waffle Shoppe, where Daddy and I met MANY years ago.

Then we started hitting thrift shops - her choice of activities! I guess if I'm going to have a daughter who likes to shop, I'm glad she also likes things cheap.

Did I mention how she likes to show how she feels about things?

Next stop was Alamo Jump. It was hard to get pictures of her that weren't a blur of legs and long hair flying!

She was literally yelling "Wahoooo!" as she bounced (or flung herself) off of things.

She slowed down for a couple minutes to eat a snack and watch a cartoon,

but then she was off again.

Last stop: Founder's Hall, another place new to us, for ice cream.

Unfortunately, about halfway through, the ice cream fell off the cone. She handled it well, though! Whew! You do NOT want to be around when that dramatic flair turns toward the tragic!

Thank-you for a fun day together, my funny, smart, goofy, free-spirited, beautiful 7-year-old!

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