Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Review: #famous by Jilly Gagnon


Girl likes boy. Girl snaps photo and posts it online. Boy becomes insta-famous. And what starts out as an innocent photo turns into a whirlwind adventure that forces them both to question whether fame—and love—are worth the price…and changes both of their lives forever.
Told from alternating points of view, #famous captures the sometimes-crazy thrill ride of social media and the equally messy but wonderful moments of liking someone in real life.

A friend was recently bemoaning the lack of fluff in newer YA.  Here you go, J.! A fun summer read, that you know is going to turn out okay (with a few bumps in the road). Usually I prefer gritty realism, but every once in a while I just want an enjoyable ride with plenty of laughs along the way. #famous is the perfect fit for that!

What is impressive about this debut novel is the convincing dual points of view. Many authors struggle with keeping the voices distinct, but Gagnon seems to do so effortlessly. Equally impressive: current topics such as online bullying, social media, and staged 'reality' are addressed without it being obvious they are being addressed.

You can hand this to your teen (male or female) without qualms, and kick back under the sun to enjoy it yourself, as you eke out that last week or so of summer!

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