Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Review: Little Kitchen of Horrors series, by Ali Vega



I love Halloween, and I love cookbooks, so really, what more is there to say?

Whether you want inspiration for holiday treats, or need to encourage a picky eater, this series has plenty to offer. My kids might turn their noses up at a spinach smoothie, but what self-respecting child wouldn't at least try a snot smoothie? Daddy thinks oatmeal is gross, but might he try a bowl of brains? And what dinner guests wouldn't be intrigued enough to try your bacon-wrapped worm? (It has bacon! It has to be good!)

While there are plenty of Halloween recipes out on Pinterest and elsewhere, they tend to lean towards the junk food category. These are healthier recipes that actually sound good on their own - calzones and pork loin for example. Things you can really...sink your fangs into. #sorrynotsorry

Instructions are clear, well-illustrated, and thorough (I chuckled at the reminder to sanitize your forceps and dismembered body parts). Glossary, web sites, and index are included, as well as a reminder to clean up - and what exactly that entails! We will definitely be ordering the rest of the titles in this series asap:
Cat Litter Cake and Other Horrifying Desserts
Mummy Dogs and Other Horrifying Snacks
Tombstone Sandwiches and Other Horrifying Lunches
Witches' Brew and Other Horrifying Party Foods

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