Friday, August 11, 2017

Lincoln County Days

We started off my one week stay-cation by running up to nearby Lincoln for some fun.

The rock painting/hiding craze has struck our area in force, so everyone had to bring rocks to hide. This one was still there when we left!

We managed to get a great parking space right in town, and next to this little kids' area. There were some very noisy sheep to pet,

stilts to try out,

a ring toss,

and coloring pages.

 perfect place for another rock!

A bridge to explore.

Just don't go down by the water, kids.

KIDS! Is anybody listening to me?!

Stopped for a snack and dropped off Christopher's rock, which was half the weight of my diaper bag.

I think it's a character from Five Nights at Freddy's.
 Since everything was on the main strip, wherever you happened to be was the perfect spot to watch the parade.

Grace, of course, was thrilled with all the horses

from little ponies

to slightly bigger ones.

Also a good spot to leave a rock.

History everywhere, most of it violent (in other words, of interest to little boys - especially when someone refers to 'the Jones Boys' of yore).

Another rock hidden.

And then somebody had about enough.

Even cute when he pouts!

There were free horse-drawn trolley rides, so we had to check that out.

A hideout for sharpshooters!

and other scary things.

Near a nice little museum where you can get a map of the area (oops! too late!) and even try on some dress-ups.

We stopped in Capitan for burgers on the way home, then pretty much everyone dropped off to sleep.

The Catnip Kid...

Miss I-Wasn't-Sleeping...

Christopher and Logan...

Not Grace!...

Even Daddy.

Er...aren't you the one driving???

Next up this week, each kid gets a one-on-one day with me. At the end of which, I will go back to work so I can rest too.

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