Saturday, August 26, 2017

Review: Mini Makers series by Rebecca Felix



This is a series with Medium Guy written all over it! He LOVES tiny things, from bugs to miniature spools of thread, storing them on shelves and in similarly tiny containers all over his room.

The introduction to Mini Decorating invokes elves and pixies, imagining what their tiny houses might look like. I immediately thought of pairing this with a family read-aloud of any of the Littles books by John Peterson (many of which are, annoyingly, out of print). Tiny tool suggestions are also covered at the beginning, as is the need for PATIENCE.

Some teeny crafts go back to the good old days (miniature teapot and cups from acorns), while others (mini lamps that really light up) bring a more modern flair to your fairy's abode. I can see the mini terrariums being a popular library program!

Mini Wearables is just what it says. Ideas range from the clip-on creatures figured on the cover, to painting your own beads, to a paper-folding domino bracelet (remember folding gum wrappers into chains? I never could get the hang of that! I was not one of the cool kids.) Jewelry is featured heavily, but the tiny book keychains are a bit different, and another possible program craft that could appeal to a wider range of patrons.

The crafts are all doable and fairly unique, instructions are clear and appropriately illustrated with photographs. Other titles in the series include Mini Holiday Crafts and Mini Science Fun, both of which we have ordered. A solid addition anywhere you have crafty kids!

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