Friday, August 18, 2017

Christopher's Day

Christopher asked to be the last to get his special day with me, and it was nice to spend the last full day of my vacation with him. After six years at a school where all the kids of every grade hang out together, everyone goes to everyone's houses (including the staff), middle school is a big change, and as my worrier he  had more than a little anxiety about it! Fortunately I have awesome friends who totally get that anxiety, and after a quick breakfast, we were able to meet one at his new school and get a private tour of all his classes, meeting most of his teachers. Thanks again M!!! (And, as expected, he is absolutely loving middle school now.)

Not too many pictures, because:11-year-old boy. 'Nuff said.

From the school we went to get his hair cut - he wanted long, I wanted out of his eyes, so we settled on a Zac-Efron-sort-of style that requires a bit of gel and combing (I give that a week). From there we had just enough time to make the early showing of the latest Spiderman movie. Not exactly quality talking time, but the littles aren't quite ready to sit through movies at the theatre, so this was a rare treat. He often doesn't get to see things until they are on DVD, so it was nice for him to know what everyone else is talking about!

Then back to the mall for Chinese, his choice, where I was able to snap a picture, finally.

Sort of.

Then school supply shopping - dang this is getting expensive! Especially when you have to add multiple pairs of shoes. Which are now in my size. Yeesh.

He wanted to try Alamo Jump like the other kids, and I was able to get a few more shots in.

I had to be sneaky, though!

He had fun, but as I suspected, there weren't many kids his age, so we didn't stay too long. If you are local, btw, Alamo Jump is a great deal - $5 for kids, adults are free, and you can come back the same day with a hand stamp. They have several events and classes at no extra charge!

While the day was a bit rushed at times, we had fun. I am very proud of how grown-up and independent he has become, while still considerate and caring and the peace-maker (except among his siblings - oy vey!) I am really enjoying watching the process of him turning into an amazing adult some day!


  1. Love that young man. Is he still really shy?

    1. When things are new, yes! I'd call him more cautious than shy - that's part of him being the worrier. Once he is comfortable, though, it's on!