Saturday, October 1, 2016

Interviewing Bloggers: Bridget from Bridget and the Books

So, I have a new favorite blogger, and...she's 7! Bridget and the Books is only a few months old, but she already has an impressive mix of reviews and interviews under her belt. I have especially enjoyed reading about some of her other experiences, such as her trip to her grandparents' farm. Run over and take a look - today, she has an interview with me! Turnabout is fair play, so I asked her a few questions as well, which she and her mother answered together:

How long have you been blogging? Bridget started at the end of June. Melissa (aka Mom) has a long past as a blogger.

What got you started? Bridget wanted to start a vlog and review toys. Melissa and Ted (aka Dad) didn't want to take on that work load, so suggested a blog.

How do you decide what books to review? Bridget reviews whatever she is currently reading. She has also started to receive requests from authors to read their books. She agrees to read everything but no guarantee she will like it.

Who do you think your main audience is? We can't tell just yet. Everything is growing really fast. We know authors read it and it seems librarians are starting to. The stats do show an international audience. 

How much time do you spend on your blog during the week? Bridget probably spends an average of 10 minutes a day working on posts and comments. Sometimes she and Melissa will write a whole bunch of posts on Sunday mornings. Melissa spends a lot more time on this as she does all the admin/online management. 

Do you think blogging helps you with your school work (or in any other areas?) Bridget doesn't start school until next week but the grownups have noticed a self confidence boost. She is learning how to express herself in an appropriate manner and what good feedback looks like. 

What do your friends think about your blog? I haven't seen my friends this summer. I spent most of it with my grandparents out of state.  I know the adults in my life think it is cool.

***Update from Bridget, now that school has started: 
"My friends think it is cool I have a blog. I am currently asking the authors and illustrators to send my school letters of encouragement." Awesome idea! Authors and illustrators, get on that!!

What is the most interesting experience you have had so far as a blogger? The most interesting person you have met? Probably being on Kids Place Live and making book recommendations.  I was really excited to meet Guy Raz in person. He is super cool.

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