Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Story Time: Monsters!

The problem with a monster-themed story time is choosing the books - so many fantastic choices out there! I ended up using slightly different titles both days, but they included the following:

The Monster at the End of This Book (Sesame Street Series)

A classic you just can't go wrong with. It was funny how many kids - and their grown-ups - perked up immediately and shouted, "I have that book!"

My Monster Mama Loves Me So

Our whole sub-theme was that monsters aren't anything to be scared of, and you can't be scared of these two! Monday's crowd was very obliging with the "Ews" on things like bug-filled cookies, while I asked in mock surprise, "You mean your Mommy doesn't make you those?"

When a Monster Is Born
Out of print, but always a crowd pleaser.

Bedtime for Monsters

Just plain silly, with another you-weren't-scared-were-you ending.

To get some wiggles out, we stood up and sang "If You're a Monster and You Know It". I've used the Emberly book before, but it can be a bit cumbersome, so this time we just sang the song and I let the kids come up with verses (Clack your teeth, rattle your spines, etc.) Unfortunately, the "give a roar" at the end was a little too effective, and we had one tiny tot in tears Monday! Way to go, Miss Ami, terrorize the children!

Both days, we ended with:

Tickle Monster

This is perfect for a flannel board, but I ran out of time, so I just duplicated the pieces at 200% on the copier. I had the kids reach out and 'tickle' the different parts of the monster while I moved them to their new places. One Mommy, during craft time, mentioned that they were always on the lookout for ways to keep the monsters and bad guys away, so we discussed things like monster spray as well. I told the young man in question that my husband is a former police officer, and that he swears by it. He seemed impressed. (P.S. Mike - if anyone asks, it's the pink sparkly spray that works best.)

For our craft, we made monsters (and learned about reflecting images and color mixing, but don't tell them that). My kids will spend hours doing these - and, truth be told, many of the adults had to make their own! As examples, of course.

Just fold a piece of paper in half, dribble paint on one side, then re-fold and smoosh. When you open it again, turn it in different directions until you see your monster.

I made the top right one in front of the kids as an example, and they immediately decided it was twin snakes. As soon as they said it, that was all I could see!

Add eyes, feathers, arms, antennae, whatever. Too much fun. And we snuck some STEM in!

Coming Friday: a recap of tomorrow night's Family Fright Night. If you are local, we hope to see you here at 6PM!

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