Saturday, October 8, 2016

Builder's Club at the Library

How to have a successful program while expending little to no effort:

1. Advertise that there will be Legos and other building materials.
2. Open the door.

Of course, this can be a very expensive program unless you 
a) have wonderful donations (including boxes of duplos that arrived as the program began!), and 
b) can convince your kids to let you bring their collection to the library once a month.
We only spent about $70 on base plates and people, but we have been saving and begging FOREVER.

We started this last month, and I just advertised within other library programs at first to see how it would go. This month I ventured out onto Facebook, and our attendance more than doubled, but there was still plenty of fun for everyone!

Of course, nothing is quite so heartbreaking as spending hours on a creation, and then being told to tear it apart. We don't have room to display everything, but I promised to put any Lego creations in our big glass display case. It took some maneuvering, but they all fit! (And then I didn't have to find a place to store the Legos until next month)

This one took several people working almost the whole two hours.

The Golden Palace, complete with a spinning table and a crown.

They are taking the crystal to a museum. The stories the kids told were as much fun as the creations!

Halloween party! There is a teeny tiny spider on top of the yellow dome thing.

Teleportation device. There is a wheel on the other side that you spin to get it going, and buttons to program where you want to go. 
Made by the kids who love to camp by the lake, go figure! And yes, that appears to be Abe Lincoln in one of those boats.

Best of all, everyone automatically cleaned up when the time was through, so everything was sorted into the proper containers for me. Can I just say I love my parents?!

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