Friday, October 14, 2016

Story Time: It's Absurd!

No, I don't mean that story time is absurd...well... it can be...but, in this case what I mean is that our theme for the week was things that are odd/silly/strange. Bonus, new vocabulary for most kids!

Narrowing down the story choices for this was hard! I had to start with one of everyone's favorites from last year, though:

The Book with No Pictures

Guaranteed to rile up any group of kids! I had planned to settle them back down (somewhat) with a round of "Tooty-ta", but I forgot both days! If you aren't familiar with this early literacy staple, do a quick search and you'll come up with a dozen videos. Next up:

Guess Again!

I like to pull this one out for the smarty-pants who need to yell out their answers before everyone else. Older kids enjoy it as well, so it's one of my classroom visit staples.

Two big books to round us out (ISBNs and prices below are for regular HC picture books)

Silly Sally

An oldie but goody!

Bubble Trouble board book

A definite tongue twister, you will want to practice this ahead of time! We didn't get to it on the second day, because the littles were ready to get up and move (which is when I should have broken out Tooty-ta. Librarian fail.)

For our craft, I wanted to try some pasta/pipe cleaner sculptures I saw all over Pinterest. Those used boards with holes carefully drilled in them as their bases, however, and I wasn't about to do that for 40-50 kids. Surveying the craft supplies packed through my work room, my eyes lit on the pool noodle slices we used for last month's Totally Untidy Toddlers. Perfect! 

Each child got one noodle slice and two pipe cleaners to start off with (they could branch out if they wanted to), and I put out bowls of colored pasta and cut up straws. Monday we had a very small group (most parents probably assumed we were closed), so they got to add on more noodle rings and pipe cleaners to take their sculptures a bit farther.

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