Monday, October 3, 2016

Get Those Nominations In!

Cybils nominations opened Saturday, and you have just two short weeks to nominate your favorite title in each category! Yes, you! One of the beauties of the Cybils Awards is, it doesn't matter who your publisher is, who your agent is (or if you even have one), or who you know. Anybody can nominate a book - you can even nominate your own book, provided it was published, in English, for the first time in the past twelve months. Of course it has to be reasonably available in print, so I can't nominate Sheridan this time - maybe next year! Click on this link for the full rules and categories (please read the descriptions carefully), and start filling up those lists. The panelists are itching to get started, so give us plenty of titles to keep us busy!

Editing to add some screen shots. Start off at this link, which will take you to this page:

Clicking on "Public Nominations" will take you to this form:

Creating an account is pretty simple, and it brings you to this screen:

As you see, you can go back and nominate things later for categories you aren't sure of yet. Or, if other people keep 'taking' the titles you had picked, which is what keeps happening to me in MG Fiction.

If you need suggestions, I have some for a few categories! I would also be happy to put in titles for someone else for audio books and graphic novels, since I don't have favorites in those categories. Just comment or message me!

When you are ready to nominate in a category, click on that button, and you will see this:

Very handy if you don't happen to have the book or its ISBN on hand! Just type in the title, and it will come up with a list of suggestions, and you can click on the one you meant. See, easy as pie! And try not to nominate things for the wrong category, especially if you are a judge, it's a little embarrassing (thanks for fixing that, Jennifer!)

***Edited again to provide links to other bloggers' suggestions, in case you are drawing a complete blank on what has been published this year! Check out the lists at:

(more to come!)

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