Monday, June 2, 2014

Library Re-Carpeting Part 5: Sealed for Posterity

We are still boxing up adult books - on to the nonfiction, now.

Scrounging every box we can!

As things get moved, we discover minor repair/painting projects to do along the way.

Good news is, my old desk found a new home!

Our police department is fixing up a new evidence center, and this desk is perfect for spreading things out to be catalogued.

Because I enjoy embarrassing myself on the internet, I will confess to a foot in mouth moment: the detectives were discussing whether the half-walls would need to come off in order to get the desk into their new building. I announced, "I will take anything off, if it means getting this thing out of here."


"Of the desk."

"Never mind."

Moving along...

Some of the carpet in the children's room was already coming up, so we asked the contractors if they minded if we wrote on the cement floor. They didn't, of course, so we started letting kids sign it.

Word spread, and some people came to the library just for this purpose.

We started ripping up more squares to make room for signatures,

And, by the time the date for the contractors to start came around, the room was halfway done!

I had my kids sign under my desk area,

so they will always be close to me. Or, underfoot. Whichever.

Some kids got very creative.

His little brother added the green beard. To his credit, he didn't kill him.
 Some got possessive.

But this one is my favorite:

He just looks happy!

Lots of library love going on:

And some animal tributes:

Along with the traditional stars and hearts:

The floor looks so cool, I almost hate to cover it up! It has some definite issues, though, which I will try to post about next time. In the meantime, SRP participants can start turning in book logs for prizes today, so if you don't see me for a while...!

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