Thursday, June 12, 2014

Library Re-Carpeting Part 9: Yes, I Know There's an Adult Side.

But, who cares? My side is done!

Okay, okay, I guess that side is important, too. 

The carpet guys came in this morning with the carpet for the first section already cut. They rolled it out, glued it down, put up the molding, and were packing their van by 2PM!

I wonder how many patrons go home and decide their own carpet needs to be replaced? We really should have negotiated a commission or something.

I think the two colors look nice together, while still giving us two clear 'zones'.

When we have field trips, now, I can simply tell kids to "stay on the blue carpet".

We are still finding treasures. For some inexplicable reason, there was paneling around this column:

And, hidden in the paneling were these books:

Current NYT best Sellers, I tell ya! Not only do they not have bar codes, some don't even have ISBNs. I'm going to go out on a limb and say they aren't listed in our collection any more.

It's a good thing this cold is lingering - I can just barely smell the new carpet odor, which would normally send me into instant migraine. Some Romans 8:28 coming to mind. Tomorrow we (by which I mean other people not me) will be moving the shelving back into this area, then we (by which I may actually mean me, too) can start moving some of the adult collection back into place, while the next area is prepared for the carpet folks. 

That area includes the entrance, so people will temporarily be shuttled through the multipurpose room and children's room, vindicating our decision to push SRP programs to following week. I am wondering if it is feasible to ask people to leave their shoes in the MP Room before they trek across my new carpet - what think you?

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