Monday, June 16, 2014

Library Re-Carpeting Part 10: Just an Update.

FYI, the library is not a quiet place right now. You can't move metal shelves silently, and frankly, we aren't even trying. We are also too tired to walk over and whisper to someone that we need that hammer. We're just yelling across the building. Sorry. But not really.

This morning we needed to move the metal shelving back onto the part of the adult side that was finished. Those shelves are REALLY heavy, and we couldn't pull them across the new carpet the way we callously pulled them across the old. One of our pages developed a system based on the Egyptian pyramids, involving long boards and pieces of PVC - which worked really well, and which I completely failed to photograph.

To move each shelving unit, we had to take all the shelves off. Then, once it was moved, we had to put the shelves back on. Fun, eh? Fortunately, a few brave members of the city's finance department came over to help in the two hours before we opened:

Hooray for tall people!

Making sure everything is even.

So far, I have only dropped one metal book end on my foot. This was probably not the best day to wear sandals.


Is there a librarian anywhere who does not loathe these things? Who has not almost lost an eye when one popped out at them? Unfortunately, they are not in the trash can because we are throwing them away, they are just here for storage.

99% of our patrons have been wonderful and understanding. There are, of course, those who can't understand why you won't let them walk under unstable shelving to get that DVD they just have to watch, but we're going to be sticklers for safety that way anyway.

Now we get to clear out the next section to be carpeted. It's getting there! Thank-you to those 99% for your patience!

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