Friday, May 30, 2014

Good Clean Fun

Because my house is a mess and I have nothing prepared for supper, this afternoon I decided to try a science experiment I saw on the internet somewhere.

First, you need a bar of Ivory soap (ONLY Ivory!) and at least one goofy child.

Pants are optional.
Put the soap in the microwave, and just cook for one or two minutes. 90 seconds seemed to be just about perfect for us, but, you know, all microwaves are different, yadda yadda.

Woah! I didn't tell the kids what was supposed to happen, but I'll admit I was impressed myself.

The resulting cloud wasn't at all hot to the touch, although the paper plate was a little warm. Again, this ONLY works with Ivory soap, according to whatever blog post I got this from. I'll take their word for it, even if I do want a new microwave at some point.

One of my messy science tips: use something that needs to be cleaned anyway, so you really aren't doing any extra work.

Please disregard specks of BBQ pork. Everything wiped right off with a wet rag. And my kitchen now smells wonderfully clean, even if the microwave is the only thing that looks it!

Take the clouds to the table, to show your oh-so-impressed baby brother.

Then drop into a bowl and start playing. 

I'll admit to doing a little of this myself. Crumble any chunks up. Rub bits between your fingers up in the air, and make snow. Squish bigger pieces, they feel like foam.

Then, add a little water - maybe 1/4 cup - and mush it into a paste. Use the paste to fill cookie cutters...

And, when they dry, you have special soaps to take a bath with!

Science and a bath motivation for the price of a couple bars of soap!


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