Thursday, June 5, 2014

Library Re-carpeting Part 7, or: I Need a Life.


(what do you mean, that's not a word, spellcheck?)

Tuesday when I left, one of the carpet contractors was busy leveling the floor in the children's room. The floor is in several cement slabs, and they weren't exactly even. 

I knew he had worked up until close the night before, so when I came in the next morning and saw him outside, I assumed he needed to get in and finish. Imagine my surprise when he told me, no, he was just checking measurements, and was on his way back to cut the carpet - which wasn't supposed to be in for another week!

I had a nightmare in which one of the city employees had changed the carpet order to the awful Mardi Gras pattern, so as soon as the rolls arrived...

...I had to peek.

Pretty!!! Predominantly a dark blue, with enough of a pattern to hide stains. Not that anyone will ever ever spill anything on it. I am debating not letting people walk on it. I will just stand in the entrance and hand them the books they want, like the crotchety old librarian at the school I taught at in Ukraine. Except that, I am the person most likely to make the first spill.

I didn't get a whole lot done, because I kept getting up to peek at it.

And take pictures, of course. I wasn't alone - even adult patrons who don't have any children kept coming to look, and to reach through and feel it!

I finally went to the other side of the building to box up adult books, removing myself from the temptation. The pod is almost full,

so we will have piles appearing around the building again soon. 

The carpet layers say they will be finished with the children's room Thursday afternoon, then it needs to 'set' for 24 hours. The plan is to give it the whole weekend, then Monday morning recruit some strong backs to move the furniture back, and Tuesday morning do the books. Tuesday afternoon we move the furniture out of one part of the adult side, and Wednesday morning the carpet guys start in there! We'll continue needing volunteers throughout the process, so if you're local and want to help, let us know!

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