Friday, June 13, 2014

NOT a post about carpet.

Field trips NEVER seem to happen on my days off - today was an exception! We headed off to Cruces with the 4H Club, to visit the Farm and Ranch Museum.

First up was a milking demonstration. The kids knew, in theory, that milk comes from cows, but...

I don't think it had quite sunk in with someone! This is my milk fanatic, and he was completely enthralled when it started squirting into the glass jar.

On to check out critters...

farm and other. I think these poor guys thought they were hiding from us.

Obviously, not very well.

Signs warned that the horses might bite. I don't think this one can read.

And this is why I post fewer and fewer pictures of Christopher - he really was smiling before he saw the camera!

Deciding which calf to sneak home.

More interested in how the tractor pulling us worked.

After a lunch at McDonald's, I let Christopher go on with the others while I took the little ones home. After 40 minutes of bickering about who was bothering who, it got silent...

Time to set the cruise control and get a nap in, myself!

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