Friday, June 22, 2012

Tons of Trucks - Review

Every once in a while, a patron will ask me, "where are your pop-up books"? My general answer is, "in the trash." Library usage is not kind to pop-up books, and we usually don't even bother adding them to the system.

That doesn't mean we don't LIKE pop-up books, though! One of S's favorites is a pop-up, interactive version of Going on a Bear Hunt that her Great-Grandma sent her. That one is kept out of reach of L., for very obvious reasons. This one is a bit sturdier, though, and since we won't be adding it at the library, I think I will keep it and let him enjoy it. (Hear that, IRS? I am keeping a $13.99 review copy. Knock yourself out taxing me on that.)

book cover

We reviewed Shoes for Me, an earlier Sue Fliess book, a year ago, and have since purchased "A Dress for Me" for the library. This has the same fun, simple spirit and easy rhyme that make it a read-over-and-over choice. The pages, as I mentioned, are nice and sturdy, and offer a variety of motions for little fingers to practice (pull the tab out, spin the wheel, etc.) There's even a 'sticky' page where the tar truck has dumped its load (it's sticky right now, at any rate - I make no promises after it is introduced to my cat-and-dog-hair household).

If you have a boy...or a girl...of any age below 40...this one is well worth the purchase! It would make a great birthday gift, especially paired up with any type of toy cars and trucks. "Scuse me, now, while I go spin the cement mixer some more.

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