Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Bite Me, Martha

It has been a while since we had a theme dinner. This one got thrown together on short notice, and rather than center on a movie, it went with a book. This book:

Beetle McGrady Eats Bugs!

E Mcdo

Or, if you want the back cover:

All these books and...yes, this one again. Because we haven't read it in at least ten minutes.
This has definitely been the book of the week, and was just begging for a meal of bugs to go with it. I'm actually not averse to feeding my kids real bugs, but Walmart doesn't exactly carry them, and as I said, this was last-minute. So, we began the evening with:

Maggots in a hearty swamp sauce, sprinkled with cricket legs and chopped cockroaches.

On the side: individually prepared two-eyed spiders (because Mommy couldn't decide what she was making).

And, of course, the classic bugs on a log. Some had squished flies in peanut butter, others were filled with cream cheese and crumbled grasshoppers.

 Everything was a big hit!

Tasty spider legs

tender maggots

and sweet squished flies.

So how come I'm stuck with mashed 'naners???

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