Monday, June 18, 2012

Repurposed Storage

Minor continuation of the kitchen/hallway redecorating. Our entire entryway/hallway is a narrow, awkward mess. Muddy shoes get kicked off here  - and then kicked all over as people pass through. There isn't room for shelves on the side, though, and this end is the only spot for the litterbox, so I couldn't put some here - until I hit on the idea of hanging crates:

Mom gave me one, and I found the others for $3 and 50 cents at two different thrift shops. They are perched on screws, so I can take them down easily when I need to relight the heater to the right!

The plastic bag holder is a hanging plant basket I bought for 80 cents and repainted. I bent the chain holders to the side and used those to screw it to the wall.

I also found two brown wicker baskets (not pictured) that look like they might have been bicycle baskets. Those will hang on the wall for hats and gloves this winter, after I give the insides a quick coat of water sealer. Those were 50 cents each.

Have I mentioned I'm a cheapskate? :) And don't you 'love' those handy do-it-for-less articles on Yahoo that think a $100 throw rug is a great deal???

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