Saturday, June 16, 2012


Tonight I completely abandoned my family when six healthy young men appeared in the yard and started modeling for me.





Jasper Elroy was hoping the wet look would detract from his slight dorkiness.

Um...Elroy...scratching yourself in public is not hot.

His buddies definitely knew how to work it, though.


The shy look.

The serious look.

Which is better? My left side?

My right side?

Or just all of my gorgeousness at once?

Taking time to stop and smell the...scrub oak.

Kota really wanted to play. Kota was born without a brain.

While I was busy taking pictures of Elroy, I heard a noise at my left shoulder.

Oh! Well...hello there!

Sorry for the blur - neither one of us had time to focus!

While I had abandoned my family, they had not abandoned me. They took pictures from the window of me taking pictures of the male models, and yelled supportive things like, "Mommy, you didn't finish your corn!"

It's probably a good thing I had already finished eating my...well, let's just say those weren't teriyaki beef strips we had for supper. Awkward.

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