Sunday, June 10, 2012

Summer Reading - Week 1

Well, we have survived the first week. With slightly more participants than usual reading MORE THAN TWICE AS MANY BOOKS as usual, "survived" pretty accurately describes how everyone feels right now! Story times began Monday, with about 40 on Monday morning, 104 on Tuesday, and 117 on Wednesday. The room seats about 70. We also had a tween program Monday night, movies on Thursday and Friday, and the teens on Thursday night. 

Of course, busy for me means busy for everyone else. Our new reference librarian started Monday, so we finally have most of our full time positions filled. One of our pages is moving into the empty clerk position (congratulations, Jason!), leaving us down two pages - you know, the people who have to put all those thousands of books away every day! The circ staff is doing a great job taking care of the patrons and keeping things running smoothly, but there have already been several suggestions that I get pregnant again this fall - so they can have an excuse to cancel next year's program:)

The only thing I had time to take pictures of was the teens' Glow-in-the-Not-So-Dark Night. We couldn't get the main room dark enough to really make things glow, but we did have a small room to the side with no windows. Some of the teens took turns wearing glo-shades, etc., and striking a pose:

Can you guess who these are?

We also had black tees and tote bags, and glow-in-the-dark paint, and this kept them pretty busy:

Next week, karaoke and board games! We'll also have Tall Paul, the Magician, on Friday - a new performer for us, but one who has had good reviews from other libraries. If you're local, come by the library for the full schedule and to sign your kids up. The two most important points to remember:

1. It's free.
2. We have air conditioning.

See you there!

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  1. I am sorry for the burns on your toes, I can not help but light candles and worship you. You are indeed the cat's meow, the bestest librarian ever, ever, ever!