Friday, November 18, 2016

Toddler STEM - Rainbows!

This month's theme for Toddler STEM was Rainbows! As with Pumpkins, the hardest part was narrowing down the activities.

Ever since we started doing Toddler STEM, I have wanted to make Rainbow Spaghetti

2lbs of each color, cooked al dente and tossed around with a little bit of oil (so it doesn't stick) and a lot of food coloring. Once the food coloring is in the spaghetti, it doesn't come off. During the mixing, however...I walked around with blood red hands all day Saturday, which is when I made it all! It stored in the refrigerator nicely all week.

Monday's group was small, and not at all sure about making a mess.

Then my kids showed up.

The goals here were using our senses and building vocabulary:

By the end of the week, this chart included words like "squishy", "blue", "weird", and..."like poop."

I didn't take pictures Wednesday, but THOSE kids had no problem taking shoes and socks off and climbing right in!

Rainbow Ball Pit

We had containers to toss them into, or to fill and dump.

Mostly kids just liked diving into the pool and sending them scattering!

Rainbow Fluff Treasure Hunt

Can you guess what the rainbow fluff is?

Unused, of course! And pretty easy to clean up, although there is still a small trail on the carpet...

Rainbow Soap Foam

Squirt of soap and a little water in a blender, quick pulse, and you are done. I sprinkled liquid watercolors on the top so we could try mixing.

I Spy Bags

These were a dud. Even Monday's group wanted messy activities, whether they would go all in or not! Colored rice is also great for sifting and pouring. Next time.

Puffy Rainbow Clouds

Have you ever put Ivory soap in the microwave? Two minutes and you have a puffy, soft cloud! We talked about how Ivory soap is made, with air bubbles whipped in, which is why it floats. Then we added more liquid watercolors and mushed it around.

If you want to, you can then reshape it however you want and let it solidify. My kids like to use it in the bathtub then, which is always a bonus.

Speaking of my kids, I heard water running and turned around to see this:

He washed all the dishes, all by himself! I see a new chore list in our household's future...

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