Monday, November 21, 2016

Review: I Didn't Do It, by Tony Ross

I Didn't Do It!

The Little Princess has long been putting into words (and pictures) feelings many children can identify with. Perhaps nothing is so frustrating for a little one (or a bigger one for that matter), than being accused of something you didn't do! In this case, it seems everyone is upset with her, and nobody believes her. Her parents even take each other's side, which is just SO unfair. What can she do? Find a friend to talk to, of course! And perhaps the mystery of who is really to blame will be solved along the way...

Parents will figure the answer out immediately, and whether children are surprised by the ending or not, they will certainly commiserate with the Little Princess. The illustrations, always expressive, seem to be particularly silly in this title, and add to the fun. Note: parents who want to see bad behavior punished should skip this one and go find something a bit more moralistic, and probably less enjoyable.

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