Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Review: Can I Tell You a Secret? by Anna Kang and Christopher Weyant

Is this guy cute or what?


Young Monty instantly draws readers in by addressing them directly, asking if they can keep a big secret for him. The secret? He's afraid of water! And he's a FROG!!! How embarrassing! He hasn't told anyone, not even his parents. He goes to all sorts of extremes to hide it, but he is running out of ideas. What should he do?

After several false starts - and with the helpful support of the reader - Monty finally comes clean to his parents (who, of course, knew all along). With their encouragement and with the reader coming along for moral support, he finally faces his fears (in a small way). 

I love the interactive nature of the book, and the empowering feeling that comes from helping someone else with their fear. Who knows - just maybe that will translate to readers facing a fear of their own (which, of course, is the whole point.)

The illustrations are both simple and bright, featuring mainly Monty and a little bit of pond background, but showing an impressive array of facial expression! The close-up focus on Monty really helps pull readers in and feel as if they are exchanging confidences with him. 

A great addition to the shelves, and one to put on your bibliography lists for parents!

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  1. I look books that engage the reader. This one sounds super cute. :)