Friday, November 4, 2016

Review: Buddy for President, by Hans Wilhelm, and some Election Day Fun!


Hunter Green would like everyone to know why his dog, Buddy, would make a great President. 

- he is helpful
- he loves the great outdoors (like Theodore Roosevelt)
- he is great at kissing babies
- and who better to preserve, protect and defend than a hound?

Campaign promises include more recess, and throwing frisbees rather than going to war. Who could argue with that? A fun read-aloud for this time of year, offering a discussion of the elections without being overly technical or political.

With Election Day coming up very soon, we have had quite a bit of campaigning here at the library. Thanks to our local County Clerk, children can come in November 8 and cast their ballot for any of these presidential candidates and 
their running mates:

Elephant and Piggie - Balance and Enthusiasm!

Pete the Cat and Groovy Joe - It’s all Good!

Ladybug Girl and Curious George - Take chances! Make every day an adventure!

Fancy Nancy and Pigeon - What our country needs is accessories!*

                                                                                      *and hot dogs!

Pooh and Piglet - Steadfast and dependable

(Unfortunately, Buddy did not make this year's ballot).

At least one local class of first graders is coming by to vote, and the polls so far are showing Elephant and Piggie with a strong lead. Who would you choose? Cast your vote in the comments - and don't forget to go vote grown-up style on Tuesday (if you haven't already)!

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