Friday, April 17, 2015

Review: Who Wants a Hug? by Jeff Mack

Who Wants a Hug?

Everyone likes hugs, especially when Bear gives them! Everyone, that is, except for Skunk. Bear really gets on Skunk's nerves. He's too happy . . . and he's always giving way too many hugs! Skunk has the perfect plan to keep Bear from giving any more hugs. Will it work?

Okay, I'm kind of with skunk on this one. Not a big hugger - my bubble, your bubble, y'know? But, I generally go with  a simple, "No, thank-you," rather than resorting to some of skunk's tricks. Kids will get a huge kick out of the results when skunk's tricks, predictable, backfire. Bear is cartoony, and skunk looks a step away from death's door, while the blissful expressions on the animals' faces can make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside just by themselves. A great read-aloud for groups or individuals. And, since I don't mind hugging kids at all, it will be easy to wrap this one up with huge (and hopefully not stinky) hugs all around!

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