Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Review: I Feel Sick, by Tony Ross

I Feel Sick!

The Little Princess is never sick except when anyone asks her to do something. She's too sick to walk the dog and she's far too sick to go to school. But when she's invited to a party, all that changes. Or does it?

Ohhhhhhh boy do we need to read this one at our house. A certain five-year-old girl races around and hangs from trees all day long, but as we are headed home and she remembers the mess she still has to clean up in her room, all of a sudden "I feel really, really sick in my stomach!"

We do love The Little Princess at our house (and, so far, my kids have no idea that she is also on television). I love that the royal family are so very normal and down to earth, and that Fancy Nancy would be thoroughly appalled at The Little Princess's lack of bling. The other palace inhabitants are just plain goofy.

Children will easily see through The LP's ruses, and will probably be able to tell you why she is sick 'for reals' at the end. As often happens, Ross does not spell out the 'moral lesson', for lack of a better term, which children and parents alike will appreciate.

Another welcome addition to the collection!

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