Friday, April 24, 2015


I had today off, so I planned to stay home all day with the kids, get some house cleaning done, work on the letter "S".

But then Sheridan had a cute idea for a birthday present for Grandma, but we didn't have what we needed here, and Logan had outgrown his shoes and needed new ones anyway, so after everyone was finally breakfasted and dressed, we headed into town.

Our first stop was a thrift shop where I hoped to find some of the things I needed, much cheaper. While I was getting all the car seats unbuckled and everyone out, I noticed a giraffe in the window that would be great for my youngest granddaughter. Once everyone was ready to go in...I realized they didn't open for another hour.

So, back into the car seats, and on to Walmart, which of course didn't have what we needed for the present either, but did have something relatively close. When Sheridan realized Logan was getting shoes, she tearfully insisted that I HAD to get HER more shoes, because there was still room in her drawers! I suggested a new dress instead, since the ones she hasn't outgrown tend to look like they were worn to do messy art or to play outside (because - surprise - they were). She thought that was a GREAT idea. So, of course, Walmart has exactly one rack of really ugly dresses. But, they had fiddler crabs! Her name is Adila. I am still not sure how that one happened.

Back to the thrift store, which had some of what I needed, at half of Walmart's prices, but I had already bought most of it at Walmart. Almost forgot the giraffe, which was the only reason I went back there.  Found two play dresses. Then to the mall, for a church dress. This day at home with the kids was rapidly slipping away from me, but once I had promised a new dress, there was no way out without a meltdown. Fortunately, we found one we both agreed on, at a great price, right away. Pleased, I let them stop to throw pennies in the fountain.

Shane fell in.

Yes, all the way in. Briefly submerged.

That water is cold, fyi.

Carried a soaking child to the car, but only had dry diapers, not dry clothes.

Except for the dresses from the thrift shop. Sorry, kid!

Sheridan asked if they could skip naps when we got home, and since I now needed them to do that thing for Grandma's birthday, I said they could. She promptly fell asleep on the sofa. When she woke up, she felt a bit warm to me - 102.4. They started the project anyway, and soon Shane needed his second bath of the day. At least, this time, I was able to take his clothes off first.

Realized the poor crab was still in the plastic bag from Walmart. Pulled the old tank out and set it up. Light doesn't work. Don't particularly care right now.

Just as I started supper cooking, Sheridan started screaming. She had swallowed a coin. A coin. Really? Really??? Simultaneously made phone calls and Googled. Daddy got home from work at this point, and I think thought briefly of going right back out. E-mailed Grandma to inform her that, not only will I be bringing her a sick child tomorrow, but we will need her to save any poop that is produced. Ate supper. Encouraged Sheridan to eat a lot.

Got kids ready for bed. Discovered Shane was taking Logan's clean socks out of his drawer, one at a time, and throwing them into the toilet.

If anyone needs me tonight, TOO BAD! I will be in bed, with a pillow over my head.

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