Sunday, April 5, 2015

Jones Kids on the Loose: Day Two

First morning on the road! 
We need a gate for the camper doorway for Mr. Independent. He had no trouble figuring out the stairs...and where the food is kept.

Biscuits and sausage for breakfast, it is! After we ate, I read the first chapter of The Magician's Nephew aloud. We watched The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe again recently, and the kids were very interested in how Narnia began. That chapter ends with Polly disappearing, so I asked Sheridan if she would ever take a ring from a crazy man in an attic. Her answer: "Well, not if they were THOSE rings."

More exploring!

This rock looks like a butt.

This one looks like a fish.

And this rock - and all the others - had to be climbed by Shane, because he's a big kid, too!

Tongue seems to have recovered!

Buffalo lying down?

The big kids had help scrambling up this one, and when we turned to walk on, Shane trotted over and insisted on his turn.

Has anyone seen Logan?

There he is!

Neat how so many plants manage to survive here!


As you can see, it is easy to spend just hours climbing and exploring!

Ahem. I told Daddy he could only take pictures of me if they were from behind. NOT what I meant.

Shane actually let us carry him a couple times.

I've maybe had enough, Daddy. Back to the camper for juice, then we walked down to the visitors center.

Stopping for a few more pictures.

People are stupid.

Somebody had a minor pout when Daddy made her get off the ledge with the twenty-foot drop.

I'm sure every tourist has the same original idea here...

Something else to look up: how these round rocks are formed by volcanoes (no, they are not geodes).

Petrified poop! Awesome!

Lots of cool hands-on items.

That's my girl!

We watched a short video on how everything was formed - and Shane danced to the music.

Climbing God's Thumb on the way back.

We ran into a couple Boy Scout leaders from Abq on the way back, and they said there was a great horned owl pair nesting above their camp site. We followed them back, but of course both owls were out. We headed back to the camper and ate chicken salad for lunch, then loaded very tired kids back up. Shane was out before we made the loop! The female owl was back on the nest, though:

 Pretty cool!

Back on the road, stopping in Silver City for gas. They are so proud of their Walmart, they put a big "W" on the mountain.

I went in for milk, bread, and jeans. I had planned on three pairs per person for the week...Logan was already on pair #3.

We crossed the Gila River, which actually had water in it. Beautiful stretch of green trees that we followed for a while - mostly brown and scrub brush, otherwise. Catron County, the biggest and most sparsely populated county in NM.

The trip was getting a bit long for Shane. I started feeding him Pringles to stave off fussiness, and ran out. I tried giving him a Cheez-it, but he wasn't having any of that - screamed "Uh-uh!" and threw it back at me! He finally started spitting at himself in the mirror, and that kept him occupied for a good half hour. Whatever works, honey!

Our overnight stop was in Glenwood. There wasn't anyone around at the RV park, but we didn't see any signs of zombies or mass murderers, so we parked and left a note. After unhitching, we drove to the Ranger Station to find out what was open - none of the Catwalk, unfortunately, but we got a map to a stream. It was 83 degrees when we got back to the camper, so the kids played outside for a bit,

then we walked down to the town's convenience center for drinks and ice. Chatted with the nice lady running the store, who told us where she lived, in case we needed anything after hours!

Christopher found a peacock feather on the side of the road:

No idea how that got there! We had fun making up stories about it, though.

And, of course, there are the really fun parts of travelling in a camper:

A small world moment...gentleman driving by glanced over at the RV park and recognized Mike from the Wild Turkey Federation we are both part of. He was in the area with a road crew.

The big kids had all chosen chocolate milk at the convenience store - not something we have often - and not something Shane has ever had. He discovered it quickly, and drained the big kids' cups every time they put them down.

Then we roasted marshmallows.

THAT was a very long night. Shane does not need any more sugar, ever, ever again!

We did get to sleep at some point, exhausted, but in a good, outside-all-day kind of way! More adventures tomorrow!

Animals We Saw
cows with calves (Sheridan wants one - a girl - she will keep it in her room)

Rocks We Saw
boulders at City of Rocks - formed from volcanic ash that compacted and then fractured over time

Other Things We Saw
old trains in Hurley, NM
sign - "Dave's Welding and Hay for Sale" - I hope he keeps those separate.
purple wire horse sculpture
D&D's Organic Haven Bed and Breakfast (should I assume D&D doesn't stand for Dungeons and Dragons? That would be pretty cool, though.)

Car Conversations
Logan chanted his own version of "Five Little Froggies" for about a half hour straight.

$18 site usage
$62.16 at Walmart for clothes, lotion, groceries. ($50 of that was clothing)
$25.75 in gas, 10.9 gallons at $2.35 a gallon
Sensor says 14.3 mpg
$17.94 drinks and ice

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