Thursday, March 6, 2014


Like many, I grew up on Little Golden Books. Heck, even my mother, who is REALLY old, has fond memories of The Poky Little Puppy. These books have been around since 1942, and while they still have the recognizable gold edging, the topics have changed a bit. Mixed in with classic fairy tales like The Twelve Dancing Princesses, you'll find Barbie and Spiderman titles.
I should probably wait until September to review this one, but that's a long time for it to sit on my desk.

How to be a Pirate
Author Sue Fliess is already a favorite here (and at home), and this title has the same easy rhyme and rhythm. Maybe I'm still in party mode from last week, but I can easily see this being the centerpiece of a pirate-themed birthday party. Read it at the start, then plan your decorations and activities around it. Make your own parrot, eat with pirate manners, have a battle with marshmallow catapults, and then search for buried treasure. At less than $4 each, you can even give each partygoer his or her own copy to take home! (Hmm...I'm getting into this now...whose birthday is coming up next?)
My only quibble with Little Golden Books, shared by many librarians, is that they just aren't built to last on a library shelf. They make great prizes, though, so into the summer reading cabinet with this one! Check your local book store to get your own copy, or order directly from Random House Children's Books. 


  1. Tub books! If you don't have the space for all the tubs, you could just combine some in one or two.

    1. We actually just started a tub for TV/Movie tie-ins! We'll see how that one goes - there were tubs here before I started, and they became a disaster, so I think the key will be keeping it to a minimum.

    2. Note that this is a picture right after I relabeled them...not after, say, last toddler storytime when every single block, puzzle, and toy we have was on the floor and then somebody dumped out all the tubs on top of them (I think it was a little boy looking for his favorite Mater book). However, there was a mom sitting calmly on the floor in the midst of chaos reading to her little girl, so not all bad...On bad days I have to pick it up a couple times a day though!

    3. I actually forwarded your post to our director of circulation when I was proposing the TV tie-in tub. She is all for it, but sometimes those who shelve books are a little resistant to change. I am trying to make it as easy as possible for them - those books are catalogued under "Easy" like our other picture books (no need to create a new collection code), but the call number for all of them is simply "E TV", and the spine label is green and round rather than square and white. SHOULD be easy to pick those out when shelving, and I promised to keep it to 20 or less, so the person checking overdues doesn't have to spend all morning hunting through the tub. I'm juststarting it this week, so we'll see how it goes!

    4. "a little resistant to change" oh boy, YES. Mine are all simply TUB TV, TUB BARBIE, etc. and since they're all smaller they're easy to pull apart from the picture books. They don't get holds too often, which is our big thing "you can't move that, we won't be able to find it for picks!"